Name of the forumDescription
Newbie questions
A forum about how to use this site. Please read through help.html before asking!  
To the crew
If you want to report problems with the site or otherwise discuss something with the crew, this is the best place for that.  
In this forum you can advertise your new poll, brag about your new armour photos, presentation, wiki-page and so on, and then comment on the advertisements. Don't repeat the advertising!  
General Debate
A forum for discussions that don't fit anywhere else.  
In search for the holy grail
A forum where you can talk about yourself, your day, that you haven't done anything or anything that there is a little chance that someone might find interesting. Please don't have great debates here, but feel free to talk as much as you want!  
Are you tired of interesting and well written postings? This is the forum for you then. Here you can write and read all kinds of crap.  
Discussions and speculations about history.  
SCA General Forum
A place to discuss ideas and any general SCA related topics. More info about SCA  

News about Thunder's Keep
Help - How does Thunder's Keep work?