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The Thunder's Keep Wiki

This will be the index-page of the Thunder's Keep wiki. In the wiki you can add information about anything from your private photos to your report on the metallurgy of medieval swords. New wiki-pages are not listed anywhere, so you have to link to them if you want them to be found.

If you create private pages, don't select general words! For example: Creating sword to put up a picture of your sword, will just force the crew to move the page when someone want to use it for a description of the weapon in general.

-=Areas of Interest=-


Listing of kingdoms in the Known World that participate in Thunder's Keep.


Listing of Guilds in the Known World


Listing of Households in the Known World. (Feel free to add your Household here if it is not already there)


Links to persona Information and How To's for getting your persona together -Under Construction-

SCA photos

Post links to your photo pages here.


The best wiki-pages ranked by the Thunder's Keep council

Thunder's Keep Official Wiki List

Armor Tutorial

The Forge

Speaking Period

Wiki Intro
Quick Guide to Wiki
Wiki FAQ

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2007-06-13 [hedda]: <URI:most_informative_wiki_pages.html> looks pretty ugly :( It's a very good link though, and I think that's more important than the looks.

2007-06-13 [Valgardr]: yeah, too bad there isn't a way to make link text like < Here For Cool//> and then something similar for images and wikis.. maybe the // could denote a preferred word or phrase in place of the actual link. :D

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