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These are the Various households in the 19 Kingdoms of the SCA. We of course know that they are not recognized officially but is a list of households to know the diversity of them in our Illustrious groups. This list is not all inclusive, and only created voluntarily and maintained voluntarily. Please respect the owner's wiki-pages and do not edit them without their express permission.

Please add information on your what households there are in your kingdom. Write a comment on in parenthesis after the link if it's not totally complete.

Kingdoms with household information

Households of AEthelmearc (1 household)

Households of Ansteorra (2 households)

Households of Atenveldt (2 households)

Households of Atlantia (many households)

Households of Caid

Households of East (Big list added 2007-06-06)

Households of Ealdormere (1 household)

Households of Lochac

Households of Meridies

Households of Middle (3 households)

Kingdoms without household information

Households of An Tir

Households of Artemisia

Households of Calontir

Households of Drachenwald

Households of Gleann Abhann

Households of Northshield

Households of Outlands

Households of Trimaris

Households of West

Households not tied to any particular kingdom

Household of Iron Lance


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