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Mundane Name: Angela Waldbauer

SCA Name: Lady Dawn de la Lune

Kingdom: Aethelmearc

Group: Barony of Endless Hills

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I am here to meet new SCAdian friends as well as get to know old friends better. First off, my favorite event is Pennsic. I am interested in thrown weapons, archery, cooking, fiber arts, scribal arts, as well as metal and leather working. I originally got started in the SCA as a merchant and fell in love with the whole shibang. I have been active with Endless Hills for just about 2 years now. Want to know more? Just ask me!
-Dawn :)

Age: 38Year of birth: 1973Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 27

Gender: female

Year of persona: 1450

SCA Interests
CalligraphyCandle MakingCooking
Costuming & AccessoriesDrawingDyeing
HerbalismHorn WorkingHorsemanship
Leather WorkingMasonryMedicine
MerchantingMetal WorkingNeedlework
PaintingPaper MakingPeriod Fencing
Tool MakingWeapon SmithingWoodworking

Place of living: USA-Pennsylvania

Exact place of living: Wilkes Barre

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ICQ number: 378235860

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